About Us

The PUP Reading team has a simple goal: to give parents the information, tools, and resources they need to learn more about their children’s developing reading skills today, and to track progress going forward. We aim to enlist, educate, and empower parents– so that they can set their children up to be successful, life-long readers.

Joan G. Kelley, Ed.M.

Joan started her career as a classroom teacher, and then spent many years raising three children (Christina, Patrick and Tommy) while doing paid and unpaid work related to schools and teaching. After she received her Ed.M in Language & Literacy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) in 2005, she spent 2 ½ years teaching reading in an elementary school, and then joined the Language Diversity & Literacy Development Research Group at HGSE. For the past decade, Joan has been working on academic vocabulary research, curriculum development, professional development for educators, and strategic literacy planning in school districts across the country. And all the while, she has been wondering how best to include parents in the job of setting children up to read well. A graduate of Harvard College (’84), she lives with her husband, John, in Needham, MA.

Other contributors

Christina Kelley

Software Development

Susan Glenn

Operations & Project Management

We were fortunate to benefit from the input and expertise of a number of talented people: Elizabeth McClanan, Laura Stickle, Annie Connors, Mary Sprogell, Carolyn Buonanno Chase, Stephanie Jones, Meredith Rowe, Sharon Vaughn, Robin Kane — and all the friends and family members who took part in the earliest beta testing.