My child hates to read. Now what?

February 15th, 2018

At a recent PUP presentation, a parent asked the following question: My second grader doesn’t like to read and I am not sure what to do. Any ideas?


There are lots of reasons why a young child might not like to read, but the most likely reason (and the one we worry most about) is that the child is struggling as a reader.

Think of it this way – nobody likes to do things that are too hard; it makes us feel frustrated and often feel bad about ourselves. This is as true for reading as it is for anything else. And it can lead to a vicious cycle—getting good at reading, like anything, takes practice.

So what should the parent of a child who doesn’t like to read do? We recommend the following: Read the article  

Meet a PUP mom: Insights and advice from a parent in Greater Boston

January 19th, 2018

As part of our PUP News blog, we will be sharing interviews with parents, pediatricians, educators, and others involved with children’s reading. 

Today we have the first of these interviews, with Jill N. from Greater Boston, the mother of two developing readers — 3-year old and 8-year old boys. 

Read the article  

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