Helping parents build strong readers

PUP Reading is an engaging and family-friendly mobile app that helps parents help their children accumulate the reading skills needed for school success — starting from birth.

How it works

Check in

Clearly understand how your child is doing on the road to reading success

Help out

Based on your child’s unique reading needs, get effective, engaging, and in-the-moment tactics to help your child improve

Follow up

Easily share and discuss your child’s progress with teachers

Why it works

Fun and easy

Our activities and recommendations are quick, interactive, and require no prior knowledge or preparation– because we know how busy parents are.


We designed this product for parents like you: because it’s not about throwing high-tech solutions at your child, it’s about giving you the tools to set them up for success.


We base everything on the latest science of how children learn to read, and are thoughtful about how to integrate this research into the realities of family life.

What parents say

James L.

Parent of Georgie

“So much of the responsibility of childhood literacy falls on parents (which we didn’t know before), and it’s amazing to have the support of PUP to coach us along the way. We’d be lost without it.”

Jill N.

Parent of Noah

“If I’d found PUP Reading sooner, I could have used it as a conversation starter with Noah’s teachers.”

Kathleen W. & Betsy B.

Library media specialists

“We found Joan Kelley’s presentation to our staff inspirational. Her extensive experience in the field and in-depth research, along with her passion for the subject, made for a fascinating professional development session.”

Ready to build a reader?

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