The information and confidence parents need to grow a reader.


Answer the PUP Q’s

Respond to 20+ questions about your child (birth to grade 3). Start here >>


Get Personalized Results

Find out how your child is doing on the three types of skills that are the foundation for successful reading.


Help Your Child Succeed

Learn what to do to move your developing reader ahead, and monitor progress over time.

Here’s the problem.

Most of us expect that we can send our children off to school and they will become successful readers. But learning to read, and to read well, is complex and challenging, and parents have to be involved long before school even starts and all through the years. WHY?

Because a strong early foundation and solid reading skills by grade 3 are linked to school and life success, and many children from all communities are not reaching their full potential as readers. And if children do have reading problems, they are often identified way too late.

Our solution?

We start at the beginning, and we give parents the information, tools and resources to learn about their children’s reading-related skills today, and track progress going forward– from birth to grade 3.

Answer the Q’s

Answer 20+ questions about your child using our simple online PUP Reading Tool.
Start here >>

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View Results

Read your personalized PUP Results to find out how your child is progressing in each of 3 skill areas related to later reading success.

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Get Recommendations

Learn how to help move your child forward with personalized PUP Recommendations.

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Track Progress

Track and continually monitor progress toward successful reading.

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Start Conversations…

Use the PUP Conference Doc with other adults involved in your child’s reading journey, including educators, caregivers, and your pediatrician. You can use the document in formal appointments and educator conferences, or for more casual conversations.


Purchase a yearly family membership by December 31 for $50* and get:

  • access to the PUP Reading tool, where you can find out what your children need and how to support them
  • periodic check-ins (every 8 weeks) to monitor progress and get new ideas to try at home
  • book recommendations specific to your child’s profile
  • a conference document to share results with educators, caregivers, or pediatricians
  • a personalized dashboard to help you keep track of each child’s reading skills from birth through grade 3, the critical years for reading development

* Buy now– $75 after this launch special offer expires.

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